”FESTIVE JEWISH HOLIDAY” is a Genuine Signed Ari Roussimoff Oil on Canvas Painting, measuring approx. 24 3/4 x 37 1/2 inches. It was painted in Europe in the year 1977. “FESTIVE JEWISH HOLIDAY” is a Magnificent Composition Devoted to Jewish Spirituality with Emphasis on the Holiday of Succos (Feast of the Tabernacles). In Celebration of the Holiday, an Aged East European Rabbi Wearing the Hassidic High Fur Hat known as a “Spodick” is Holding the Traditional Lulav and Esrog. Poetic and Mystical Symbolism is Everywhere. Surrounding the Central Figure are Several Scenes Representing Various Aspects of Judaism. If one looks at the details found within the outer-circle of the Painting, they will discover the presence of Biblical Personalities, such as Moses and his Brother Aaron the High Priest. There are scenes of a Young Couple being Wedded under a Canopy (Chuppa), a Mother Lighting the Sabbath Candles, Jews Holding the Most Sacred Torah Scrolls, and a Scribe (Sofer) busily transcribing the Holy Word. The facial expression on the Rabbi is very telling. His Eyes reveal the Age-Old Wanderings and Difficult Experiences of an Ancient People who Survived the Worst of Times by Upholding an Unshakable Belief in God. This sensitive artistic portrayal of the Jewish Religious Experience Comes Magically to Life in this Most Captivating Oil Painting by Ari Roussimoff.


oil on canvas by Ari Roussimoff